It started with Handmade cards

It started with Handmade cards

Sometimes I sit with a smile on my face as I look at how far i've come with my greeting card business, a business that started as a hobby. 

Almost 10 years since the launch, I have been recognised as a Multi-Award winning Entrepreneur for Best Achiever, Inspiring Black business Woman and one of the top 50 Afro-Caribbean leaders in the UK.  Wow! 

I know so many women like me who are thinking about starting a business but not knowing how to.  I recently came across a quote by Ava Duvernay which sums it up nicely.

"...You just start. It won't be perfect. It'll be messy and it'll be hard, but you're on your way."

Go on, step out, the world is waiting for you.


Nefateri x

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